23 Feb,2024
Singapore Airshow 2024 Since COVID-19, this Singapore Airshow(https://www.singaporeairshow.com/) seems to have to get over the attendance and the market is active in 2024!!
Many aircraft are exhibited military and commercial, and it is the first time to show up the COMAC which is produced by China.

At this time, I only joined this show last day of trading day. But I could gain some achievement even though.
To some small session with Indonesia local company. Indonesia also plans to have its first airshow on Bali island in September 2024.

The called in Bali International Airshow 2024.(https://www.baliairshow.com/)
Besides, I could have a meeting with our partner company, Linkwave Aerospace in Taiwan at the Airshow.
We could have a fruitful meeting for the upcoming new project which will strengthen our relationship with VP Mr.Fred then.
And SKYTRAC Sales Director, Mr.Ruben Stephin, Finally, we could meet up in person at this time.
The meeting with him was also a very good study and meeting for myself and our company! That is a good study for our helicopter market and the Airline market from now!
Unites with global partners, is essential to run our business in Japan and other countries.
I fly to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore today. To expand the market in Southeast Asia region with our business of the journey will continue!

25 Jan,2024
we are happy to join the big grateful party of our partners in Taiwan as one of their family members!
Our great supportive partners, are AIR ASIA(https://www.airasia.com.tw/) and Linkvwave Technologies(https://linkwave.com.tw/), they kindly invited us to join this party and could have a wonderful time with many friends!
Since the end of last year, Navicom has finally driven one of the mainstream businesses with their kind collaboration to gain local customer satisfaction.
That is a great achievement and will be a good milestone for all related parties to connect between Japan and Taiwan from now on.
We are very proud of working with the AIR ASIA and Linkwave technologies team so far and from now.
To make the business, we walk together and work together to support each other!
Please expect that we can create a new collaboration together with unite of all teams!


5 Jan,2024
All of us in Navicom Aviation would like to show condolences for people who lost their lives in the Noto Peninsula earthquake happened on the new year day. We also express our heartfelt sympathies to everyone affected by the disaster. This earthquake gave a big shock to us Navicom Aviation as well. We hope that everyone in the disaster areas will be able to return to normal daily life as soon as possible. Furthermore, we wish safe and effective flight of rescue aircraft such as fire fighter helicopter, police copter and JSDF aircraft. We are proud that Navicom's flight tracking and communication system installed on the fire-fighter helicopters will be able to assist their mission flight. We also believe that our onboard mapping system can support their operations with the ability to guide them to specific addresses, streets, and key facilities. Finally, we would like to express condolences to the five member of Japan Coast Guard who lost their lives during disaster recovery operation.

8 Nov,2023
Future Travel Experience Asia 2023 in Singapore

We joined this great event as one of the partners of AirFi Aero at this time!
We are the team AirFi here in Singapore!

At this event, we could have some fruitful discussions with some valuable current customers in the Asia region!
Our assigned market potential customers and current AirFi valuable customers how they can collaborate together with AirFi BOX, we are willing to consider and make new movements from now on!


18 Oct,2023
ADEX Day 2

We had a meeting with PT INARO TUJUH BELAS in Indonesia(https://baliairshow.com/about-bali/) CEO Mr.Andy Wismarsyah and Sales Director Vivian Koo at ADEX 2023 in Seoul yesterday. They are leading the big event BALI INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW in 2024. That is the first big AIR SHOW in BALI Island Indonesia. We hope to see them again and introduce our products in Indonesia!

Bali International Airshow 2024 (https://baliairshow.com/) (external site)
exposition period : 18-21 September 2024

17 Oct,2023
ADEX Day 1

It is the first time to join the Seoul ADEX 2023 in Korea(https://seouladex.com/en/business/) which is the biggest aviation event in Korea for NAC. We had a fruitful meeting with RF Systems Co., Ltd (http://www.rf-systems.co.kr/ ) Korea at APEX, fortunately! Besides, they kindly arrange the meeting with UI Helicopter(http://uihelicopter.com/en/elementor-2209/) and HELIKOREA ., Ltd. (http://www.helikorea.co.kr/). We appreciate RF Systems's kind hospitality and support to us from RF Systems Co., Ltd. We hope to make a business in Korea with strong relationships to be the bridge between Japan and Korea from now on.

Photo of Meeting scene
Photo of Event venue(1)
Photo of Event venue(2)

27 Sep,2023
The article ''Navicom Aviation signs contracts with two Taiwanese companies (AIRASIA and Link Wave Technogies, Inc.) to expand overseas'' was published in the August-September 2023 merger issue of the monthly magazine "Helicopter JAPAN". Thanks to the kindness of Tact One Co., Ltd., the article content is published at the link below.

Article content (Japanese) (PDF:312KB)
''Helicopter JAPAN'' cover (PDF:1082KB)

26 Sep,2023
Great achievement news from Malaysia‼

Navicom is dedicated to our great partner PEN Aviation in KL Malaysia which is collaborating with DHL Malaysia to encourage promoting the last one-mile operation in Malaysia now.
26-Sep 2023, they had a brilliant opportunity to explain our ongoing project to the Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil in Malaysia.
It was a very great achievement for all of us and we are very happy to work with them which will be the bridge to connect the business between Malaysia and Japan from now on. We are very proud of working with them!

Photo of The Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil
Photo of The last one-mile operation

15 Sep,2023

We had a big event today! The president of Taiwan Ms. Tsai Ing-Wen stopped by our booth(AIR ASIA booth).
Philips Lu, AirAsia's chairman and president, explained Navicom's participation when explaining the venue to President Tsai.
Navicom is very honored and proud to work with our Taiwanese partners.
We would like to express my gratitude once again and look forward to your cooperation.
Additionally, our president Koji Hiratsuka had a meeting with Mr. Wilson Kao, CEO of APEX Aviation (http://www.apexaviation.com.tw/en).
APEX Aviation and Navicom have agreed to 1)Navicom's formal proposal for a portable mapping system and 2)sooner conclusion of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).
This participation in TADTE provided major achievements for Navicom. And we hope that our collaboration with our Taiwanese partners will have an impact in Japan and other markets in Asia in the future.
Stay tuned!
Photo of The president of Taiwan Ms. Tsai Ing-Wen
Photo of The president of Taiwan Ms. Tsai Ing-Wen
Photo of Mr. Wilson Kao, CEO of APEX Aviation

14 Sep,2023

Navicom Aviation is happy to announce that AIR ASIA Company Limited(AACL) and LINK Wave Aerospace Technologies, Inc.(LW) will formally contract the partnership agreement now! We are working together to support each other for customer satisfaction for Japanese and Taiwanese customers from now on!
We all expect what will be coming!
Besides, many customers were stopping by our booth and seeing our productions!
We appreciate to kindly arranging this opportunity for us by the AACL and LW team.
We keep posted the second day!

Photo of Our exhibition booth
Photo of Our products on display
Photo of Our valued visitors(1)
Photo of Our valued visitors(2)
Photo of Our valued visitors(3)
Photo of Our valued visitors(4)

13 Sep,2023
Stay tuned at TADTE in Taipei !

Navicom Aviation go to the TATDE(Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition) on 14-16 Sep 2023. Our great partner companies AIR ASIA, and Linkwave Aerospace Technologies kindly join us to exhibit! It will be the first opportunity to exhibit our products to outside of Japan at this time. The show will be opened tomorrow! Stay tuned for Navicom Aviation in Taiwan!!

Photo of the TATDE(Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition)

7-9 Sep,2023
Navicom Aviation would like to work together with PEN Aviation(https://penaviation.com/) who is our great partner in Malaysia at the Selangor Aviation Show (SAS)(https://selangoraviationshow.com/)
We all waiting for all of you, Please stop by the PEN Aviation booth in chalet 2. You will see the brilliant products and technologies and how efficiently that is collaborated by Japan X Malaysia company!
NAC and Pen Aviation would make a bridge to connect the business in Japan and Malaysia and expand business opportunities together from now on! Please expect our achievement !

Photo of Our exhibition booth
Photo of PEN UAS Mission Command, Control and Communication (MC3) Centre
Photo of DHL Malaysia president and MC3 main members

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21-22 June,2023
Two days on June 21st and 22nd, 2023,
"Data Link Forum Tokyo 2023" was held at Architecture Hall in Tamachi, Tokyo.
For the first time, we invited three of our partner companies as guest speakers.
The first day was for airline-related customers, and the second day was for business/UAV/drone-related customers.

Company name: AirFi (Netherlands) (external site)
Speakers: Customer Success Manager Mr. MiroslawPietrzyk
Theme: Innovative IFE and LEO
Company name: elsight (Israel) (external site)
Speakers: CEO Mr. Yoav Amitai, Global Sales VP Mr. Nimrod Blinder
Theme: Drone BVLOS Architecture Best Practices

Company name: Pen Aviation (Malaysia) (external site)
Speakers: Managing Director Mr. Jean-Bernard Boura
Theme: Time Critical Goods Transportation: Between Port & Ships

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many guests who came to see us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.
We would also like to thank all the companies concerned for their cooperation.
Please contact our sales department for details of the above description.

Our exhibition booth

Navicom Aviation Co., Ltd.
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30 October,2018
The homepage has been redesigned.
30 October,2018
We will join to「Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2018 TOKYO」on November 28 (Wed.) to 30 (Fri.) 2018. http://www.japanaerospace.jp/en/index.html